Looking For an Online Advertising Strategy? E-Mail Marketing is Proven the Most Effective

When you really compare e-mail marketing to any other online advertising or marketing strategy for any business, small or large, you have to agree that it simply provides the best method to increase your sales and build profits. Here’s why.Compared to Advertising: Typically, most small business owners turn to some form of advertising to ‘kick off’ their marketing. Usually, they rely on inexpensive advertising strategies that are not highly targeted. Small classified ads or display ads in local newspapers are certainly not targeted to any particular audience. On the other hand, e-mail marketing lets you target your message every time. You are only promoting your products or services to those who have an interest. Ask any advertising professional and they will tell you that in order to be effective, your advertising MUST be directed at your target audience. E-mail marketing does just that.

Compared to SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Although Search Optimization is an effective method of marketing and getting your website ‘found’ online, it bears a cost. SEO companies can charge several thousand dollars to get your website indexed on the first page of primary search engines. Doing it yourself can be an overwhelming task with a long learning curve. On the other hand, e-mail can generate almost immediate results. You can put e-mail messages in to your target audience’s in-box instantly.Compared to Pay-per-click Advertising: These campaigns can be very costly. Depending on your particular niche and the keywords you are targeting, you may need a budget of several hundred dollars a month to get noticed. E-mail is a fraction of a penny to reach every contact. Additionally, a 2008 survey at Shop.org revealed that E-Mail marketing had a very low ‘CPO’ or Cost Per Order. That survey revealed that the cost per order related to PPC or Pay Per Click advertising was over $19.00 while the CPO for e-mail marketing was just under $7.00.

Regardless if you’re starting up or you’re a seasoned online business, the facts remain that e-Mail marketing is not only effective; it’s cost effective too!Live, Love and Profit from Your Passion; Otherwise it’s just another job!